Assistive Technology for Amateur and Professional Musicians

Tempo Control

Zoomtunes media player provides built-in tempo control. Songs will stay in the same key as you speed them up or slow them down during playback or before.


Zoomtunes metronome click track can be adjusted in volume relative to the main track. Better yet, if you change the metronome's tempo, the main track's tempo changes automagically.

Listening Mode

Zoomtunes listens as you play and provides feedback about where your playing is spot on and where it's just plain spotty. Includes settings for flex, rubato, velocity, and other preferences, so if you're putting your own spin on a song you can bring Zoomtunes along.

Zoomtune on the Go

Zoomtunes can be used in browser or via the Zoomtunes app, compatible with Android and iOS. No matter where you go - be in the pocket with Zoomtunes in your pocket.

1 Week Trial

$0 for one week

  1. Free access to all Zoomtunes features for 1 week from time of purchase
  2. If you like it, get a -10% discount off the annual membership
  3. If you don't, we'd love to hear why
  4. Students - during the week of this trial, you will be automatically entered to win a free year of Zoomtunes
Monthly Membership

$9.99 per month

  1. Access to all features of Zoomtunes for one month, from time of purchase
  2. Set your account to renew each month automatically if desired
  3. Access to our Player forums, for socializing with your fellow Zoomtuners
  4. Student discount: $4.99 per month with proof of ID
Annual Membership

$99.99 per year

  1. Access to all features of Zoomtunes for one year, from time of purchase
  2. Each month, get entered to win a chance to win a free year of Zoomtunes
  3. Access to our Beta Beat Club, for early access to new features
  4. Student discount: $49.99 per year with proof of ID

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